High School (9th-12th Grade)


East Dayton Christian School
The eagle is the mascot of East Dayton Christian School. Knowing that students in grades 9-12 are faced with issues that can ultimately shape the rest of their lives, EDCS strives to teach the strength and resilience of the eagle as defined in Isaiah 40:31. Weekly chapels and community outreach provide opportunities for students to prepare for and engage in outreach ministries. The mission of EDCS is equipping students for leadership and service.

EDCS offers a high school program to prepare students for college, military, or a career field. At EDCS a variety of biblically-integrated courses are offered including college credit plus.

Highlights of HS curriculum:

  • Standard and honors diploma tracks
  • Variety of course offerings (web link to course of study)
  • Drone program
  • 1:1 Technology beginning fall 2019
  • College Credit Plus Program (put a button to go to infoweb link to college credit plus info)
  • Guidance Counselor offers one-on-one college counseling and course planning that begins in grade 9.
  • Extracurricular activities include socials, sports, and student clubs.
  • Award Winning Traveling Concert Choir
  • Students may participate in ASCI student activities throughout the year.
  • All students participate in state testing assessments.