Our Story


Brief History of East Dayton Christian School

East Dayton Christian School is an interdenominational ministry, formed in September 1978, as a home missions outreach of New Life Fellowship. The school presently includes grades preschool to high school.

Because it does not teach any one particular denominational doctrine exclusively, East Dayton Christian is not a parochial school. It is a private school, chartered by the Ohio State Board of Education. This school is distinctively Christian because it offers education in a positive atmosphere and approaches all knowledge as part of a Biblical and Christian worldview. It is an interdenominational school because the Administration, Teachers, Staff, Parents, and Students represent many denominations and churches.

Doctrinal Position

Even though we have many denominations represented on our staff and in our student body, we have experienced great unity here at East Dayton Christian School. God has blessed this ministry because we have placed Jesus Christ as the focal point of everything we do. We all believe in the central message of the Word of God and stand solidly behind the Statement of Faith that appears on every teacher application and is stated in the Student Handbook. We will not compromise on these central doctrines of the Word of God, yet those of us who belong to the body of believers have some differences that are peculiar to our particular denominations. When these particular issues are raised in our school, we refer the student to the local church for guidance and for the answer.

Ministry Goals

Serving the Family (Matthew 28:20)
To serve the home as parents follow the Biblical command to “train up a child.”
Obeying God’s Word (Matthew 28:20)
To practice Biblical principles in all our policies and guidelines.
Equipping the Student (Matthew 28:19,20)
To equip the student with academic and Biblical knowledge and experience so that they might disciple others.
Fiscal Responsibility (I John 3:17,18)
To balance gifts, tuition, expenses, salaries, and future planning.
Following Jesus Christ (Luke 6:40)
To employ Christian faculty and staff who minister to the needs of students and their families.