Junior High (6th-8th Grade)

  • Curriculum – EDCS uses faith based and secular curriculum while striving to meet and exceed state standards.
    1. Bible Curriculum places emphasis on strengthening your walk with God and defending your faith through daily Bible class and weekly chapels.
    2. Math students build on previous skills or accelerate in Pre-Algebra or Algebra I. Algebra I is applied toward their High school math requirements.
    3. History comes to life through virtual reality in the classroom as students study people, places, and events.
    4. Science exposes students to physics, chemistry, and biology while looking at God’s creation as part of our universe. Students participate in science labs and science fair.
    5. English Language Arts places emphasis on building confidence in communicating, writing, grammar, and research; evaluating it from a Biblical perspective.
    6. Problem Solving & Critical thinking skills are taught in all subject areas.
  • There is an opportunity through College Credit Plus for 7&8th graders to enroll in college classes and fulfill both high school and college academic requirements.
  • All grade levels use mobile computer lab to enhance their skills.
  • Internet safety is taught.
  • Band, Choir, and Music classes/programs
  • Art classes/annual art fair.
  • Weekly physical education class.
  • Students may participate in ASCI student activities throughout the year.
  • All students participate in state testing assessments.
  • Extracurricular activities include socials, sports, and student clubs.